Frequently asked questions

Where does the oil come from?

The majority of our oils come from our home block 10 minutes south of Hastings

What different varieties of olives do you have?

We have the following varieties

Frantoio (Oil)
Leccino (Oil)
Pendolino (Pollinator)
Picual (Oil)
Koroneiki (Oil)
Kalamata (Table olive)
Manzanillo (Table olive)
Uovo de piccione (Table olive)

How big is your home block?

We have 9 acres of which about 6 acres is planted in olives, totaling 634 trees

How long is the shelf life of your oil?

It depends how you treat it! If it is kept in a dark, cool place will last a lot longer than the date printed on the bottle. Oil degrades over time with exposure to air and sunlight, and can gradually loose flavour. Refer to the back of your bottle for the best before date. Our recommendation is two years from the date of harvest.

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