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Best Olive Oil Store of 2022 in New Zealand

Oil on Everything


Flavoured Oils

Everything from breakfast to dessert, our first press olive oil infusions have got you covered.

Olive Oil Packs

Pick Your Own Packs

Take a look at our pack deals, where you can pick and choose your own cold pressed olive oil flavours.

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium EVOO Oils

Take a look at our best Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Cold Pressed to give you the best money can buy in New Zealand.

Olive Oil On Ice Cream?

Olive oil goes on more than just salads and generic cooking, throw it on your toast instead of butter, in your muesli in the morning, or our favourite drizzle it over some ice cream.

Olive Oil on Ice Cream

You are in Hawkes Bay and you want to know where you can buy?

Aquiferra oils have to be the best oils I have ever had. It is a go to gift idea, especially some of the packs available.

Fred / Auckland


After I found Aquiferra at the Hawkes Bay farmers markets I cannot go back to any other oil for cooking or for finishing sauces. it is simply the best.

Lynn / Hastings

I have to be honest Aquiferra oils have ruined olive oil for me, I dont think I could ever go back to standard olive oil from the supermarket.

Emma / Wellington

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